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Negau/ Mokinko
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I make super tiny sketches enjoy these little guys.

I post a new journal entry every month.

Thank you to those 155 people who gave me a llama badge, for my llama has now become albino and SUPER, cause you guys are super.

Just browsing the front pages gets me to meet new friends. But I can't come up with anymore responses to: "Thanks for the fave!" TT.TT (if you want me to respond in a better way, make your fave awesome, and I will respond to it in favor <3)

Also... YAY! I have 15 watchers! ooh maybe I should watch what I post then... wouldn't want to post anything embrassing....

I do art, but I have just been so busy and have not been able to put anything up.... I will eventually once i scan,
edit and take care of my life.....

feeling sick, doing art, and drinking alcohol. God that is everyday. (and watching horror stuff)

Current Residence: Canada
deviantWEAR sizing preference: 33px55p
Oh my....
I haven't been on here in forever....
Sorry about that folks, but I promise I am not dead!
I have been busy job searching and cosplay planning!
Which one is more important I wonder.....
I have never had a job before but after volunteering a huge amount of my time to charities and having a plethora of skills at my disposal I feel like I may be ready to jump on in!

Okay Cosplay announcements! Woo!
I recently made a Gijinka Darkrai within the span of..... 1 week and it actually didn't turn out that bad. When I have the time I will post a picture of it so you guys can see it! Oh thats right.... I haven't even posted a picture of my Reshiram gijinka either have I? ..... Life's been dragging me along. Woops! Well I will post it soon so you guys can see it as well!

Upcoming cosplays..... *shake* ooo so exciting. Makes me so happy. Anyways!

I have a Xerneas Gijinka all laid out in the works all planned out. I think it's going to be marvellous. (It's going to have armour o.o) So scary. I have never dealt with armour before but I think it will be a great experience! I have my list of items ready to go just need to buy my stuff and smoosh it all together into one piece. I am so giddy at this point it's not even ridiculous. Picture..... Majestic armoured princess deer. If you could imagine that. It's complicated. Its got a crown and a big ass skirt to boot.

Anyways...... Onto the next one!

I have 2 in mind and can't quite decide. Its either Pidegot or Xatu. I love them both and I have actually really wanted to do some articulated wings and i think Pidegot would be a great one to do them with, but maybe I should wait a few years before I attempt them.... I think I would like to make Pidegot like a fighter pilot. Xatu is just one of my favs and would most likely be really easy to pull off and simple. AGH! So many decisions!

Okay now we move onto 2016! "Woah way too fast! Why are you thinking so far ahead?" Thats what you are thinking isn't it? It isn't? Oh... well I like to think far in advance and plan myself out carefully so that incase something goes wrong along the way I still have time to fix it if the need arises. I am a forward thinker and like to be in control. I hate to be rushed into something.... like Darkrai...... *grumble* I was rushed into making Darkrai because I couldn't properly transport my Reshiram outfit. That suckers huge and needed some major repairs.

Okay I have spent way too far explaining myself lets get onto the cosplay!
Kyogre primal version. That thing is beast. How could I not cosplay it in the future? I don't have many plans for that now but I have a few ideas I am leaning towards so its in good hands.
And now my main cosplay of 2016.. *drumroll*
Do you guys know of something called Hero's Shade? If you are a Legend of Zelda fan and played Twilight Princess you will know it well. Well at least I hope you would know it well. Now I know its been 8 years since it came out and I don't really want to spoil anything so I am warning you now that if you still don't know who Hero's Shade is turn back or look it up. Here's a great page:…

There are some people who theorize that Hero's Shade is actually the Hero of Time who is the one from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask (considering its the same Link) Because he got sent back in time after he saved Hyrule  (in Ocarina) so no one knew of his deeds and didn't refer to him as a hero. He proceeded to the Lost Woods in search of Navi there and instead got tricked by Majora and was lead to Termina where the adventure of Majora's Mask happens. There's another theory mixed in there as well that Majora's mask was just Link dying and going through the stages of death. Phew I really did a history lesson there huh? I could have gone into greater detail but that's for another time.
Ever since Hyrule Historia came out it has been confirmed that Hero's Shade is indeed the Hero of Time and he has come back from death as a spirit to guide Twilight Princess Link to become a warrior that can wear the proud green of the legendary hero. Note how the first howling stone you use in game is the Song of Healing and another one is the Elegy of Emptiness? Makes so much sense now doesn't it? Phew I gotta stop with the explaining. I am getting carried away here! I am way too passionate for this stuff. I haven't even gotten to my cosplay yet!

Okay so as I am a woman and I don't think I can pull off crossplay (trust me, I have tried....) This cosplay will be a female version. Death doesn't care about gender though so let's make me not dead. "Where does that leave you?" You may ask. Well here we go.

I am planning to do a female pre death version of the Hero's Shade.… Heres a picture of him all dead and what not. Eww death. This will not be sexualized though. Just good ol' armour, hair, clothes underneath, boots, helmet, sword and a shield. But its not going to be broken and I will be alive so all is good. I am going to be adding little details to it as well, such as a Deku mask and an Ocarina of time. May carry around a bottle for a fairy as well but who knows. As well the little arm bands things on the wrist will say "Hero of Time" on them in Twilight Princess Hylian.

Gosh I think this is the longest journal I have ever written.... Maybe I should teach Zelda history to people. Make it a class. "Get your PhD in Zelda Knowledge here" hahaha imagine if we could do that.

Anyways I think that's about it. Yep.. Oooooo I am so excited for it now. I have literally started drawing out the patterns for the armour already and I kind of already want to make the sword even though I am 2 years away from making it. Agh! Stop me before I geek out here! 
  • Listening to: Twilight Princess Soundtrack. On repeat.
  • Reading: Maze Runner
  • Watching: Tokyo Ghoul.... (So good)
  • Playing: Alpha Sapphire
  • Eating: Food Stuffs
  • Drinking: Water. A lot of it.

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